Com um projeto otimizado para grandes diâmetros, a Série DS faz parte da família de válvulas concêntricas da Interativa (NE, NF, NP e NT) e possui as mesmas características em termos de qualidade, diversidade de materiais e desempenho. Seu range dimensional vai de 26″ até 72″ (650 a 1800mm).



> Disc

The disc's thin profile provides a higher Cv than those with a through shank, resulting in less pressure drop. The disc edge is hand polished, producing low torque, tight sealing and a longer seat life.

> Upper and lower rod

The disc x rod connection is made through a square fitting. The result is a system that uses no pins, plugs or screws, eliminating the possibility of leakage through these components.

The top stem and top flange in compliance with ISO 5211 and DIN 3337 standards, provide secure connection with manual, pneumatic, electric and other actuators. A rod retention system guarantees the rod's anti-expulsion feature.

> Bearings

Bronze (NF) bearings eliminate friction between the body and the rod, providing low torque and a long rod life.

> Seat

The seat completely covers the body, preventing fluid contact with the body. A gasket is not required for the installation between flanges. The seat extends face-to-face from the body, sealing the body and the pipe flanges.

The elastomer is vulcanized to a rigid ring, forming a “cartridge” that provides:

  • Easy installation, no specific disc position is required
  • Eliminates high torque and premature seat failure caused by elastomer distortions
  • Simplifies seat replacement as no special tools are required
  • High strength for vacuum services. The stem seal is made through the disc contacting the seat and through two semi-o'rings molded into the stem bore


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